Foxhound, a side project of Chris Kasper. To keep fresh music to his listeners in between solo records, Chris teamed up with band member, Kiley Ryan, to collaborate and produce a albums worth of simple duo folk style tunes. Guitar Fiddle and voice are the core of he recod. an occaiol upright and drum beat scattered throughout.

After the disbandment of his former bluegrass project, The Lowlands, Chris released a solo record layered with everything from marimba to electronic beats. Always changing direction, Chris yearned for the simple acoustic and harmony driven sound rather than the cinematic style writing and also set out to collaborate on the actual songs for the first time in his life. Kiley, who had been playing fiddle and singing with Kasper since 2009, seemed the obvious choice. 

The collaboration merges Chris's scattered blues and jam styles with Kileys country and folk upbringing. The result is a sweet sound, modern, old, and timeless all in one.